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What Kitchen Design Trends are Making an Impact?

When looking to make a change to the home, the kitchen area can often be overlooked in favour of other parts of the home.

However, there can be times when some focus on the kitchen and the appliances in use can transform it from the conventional kitchen of yesteryear and turn it into a social hub that family and friends can enjoy.

An update of the kitchen can also help breathe life into an old property and give it some momentum in the housing market.

To be able to enjoy the benefits of a new kitchen, it’s important to consider some of the design trends currently doing the rounds.

Regardless of whether you’re looking to spruce up your current living conditions, or turn a profit on a house sale, a new kitchen layout could make all the difference.

Mix and Match Offers a Unique Approach to Kitchen Design

Although there’s nothing wrong with following the modern or traditional kitchen design, those with more unique tastes may want to bring something different to the table.

There’re no rules in place when what colours should be used, as long as they’re able to complement each other in the right way.

For example, many are enjoying the dark tones of charcoal when choosing cupboards and tiles but will opt for a lighter cream colour.

Mixing and matching allows you to draw inspiration from several different sources to create your own

Violet is Making a Surprising Impact

Those looking to add a hint of elegance or tranquillity to the kitchen may find what they’re looking for in the bold colour violet.

Although those looking for something a little calmer may need to consider something else, violet is becoming popular in kitchens nationwide.

Violet is a unique and alluring colour that isn’t experienced much in the natural world. As such, its presence is more alluring, and its roots inspire a feeling of positively and glamour.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

There was a time when clutter in the kitchen was to be expected, but given the advancements made in kitchen design, it should come as no surprise that when using the kitchen for social events, people don’t want all their cooking paraphernalia on show.

This isn’t to say that having items on show is an eyesore, as budding cooks like to have things to hand at a moment’s notice, but if you prefer a calmer and streamlined aesthetic, then it may be worth exploring the options available in relation to hidden storage.

Green and Blues are Making Their Presence Felt          

Green and blue are colours that are normally associated with the ocean, so it should come as no surprise that these calming and inspiring aqua shades are becoming popular when redesigning a kitchen.

Regardless of whether they’re being used as core colours or being mixed with others, many are enjoying the personality that the combination of these colours can offer.

Broken Plan Helps Separate a Kitchen

Kitchens come in a manner of shapes and sizes, and there will be instances when some want to section off areas of the kitchen, without having to construct something obtrusive such as a wall.

Instead, many are choosing the convenience and open-zoned appeal of a freestanding shelf unit or breakfast bar.

Not only does the broken plan approach mean there is no need to be erect walls where they’re not wanted, but it also allows for a more active social hub during social events and family gatherings.

Kitchen designers have claimed that the broken plan allows for a more personal approach to kitchen design, which has meant a sudden surge of customers looking for more unique ways to incorporate character and style in to the kitchen

High-Contrast Marble Is Making a Statement

The use of marble may be nothing new when it comes to kitchen design, but more and more people are enjoying what high-end contrast marble is able to offer the modern kitchen.

High-contrast marble can amplify the persona of the kitchen, while still being able to compliment the décor you will be using.

The shades available means that regardless of whether you’re aiming for something rustic, or a more modern design, high-contrast marble can make a bold statement that will be the talking point of your kitchen.

Patterns Are Making a Statement

Much like marble, patterns are nothing new it comes to kitchen trends, but the way they’re being used is fresh and innovative.

Rather than fade into the background, statements are making a bold impression by becoming bringing the beauty of the humble pattern to the forefront of the kitchen.

The use of patterns allows those looking to personalise their home and add their own stamp of identity.

As such, patterns are being found in all sections of the kitchen, be it in the intricate cabinet design, or a decorative tile design with a modern bold design that offers more elegance and personality than the cumbersome designs of yesteryear.

Gold and Copper Shine a Light on Kitchen Trends

When trying to create the perfect ambience, it’s not only the décor you have to consider but also what fixtures will be used in relation to lighting.

There’s no right or wrong approach to lighting, as the preferred level of light can be subjective. However, some find that the conventional options available for kitchen lighting don’t really fit in with the character of the kitchen.

Gold and copper are being used to make a statement with kitchen lighting, offering a more rustic and relaxed feel to the kitchen. The popularity of these tones means that the rest of the kitchen can also incorporate the alluring qualities of both copper and gold.

The trends currently doing the rounds not only offer some much-needed inspiration but also ensure that the result feels homely and inviting.

There can be several factors to consider before choosing a style that suits you, such as budget and the size of the kitchen, but knowing that there are several options available when looking to overhaul the kitchen means that it shouldn’t be too difficult to come with a design that suits your budget and your tastes.

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