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Housing Architect Trends in 2019

Architecture surrounds each of us everyday; however, many of us do not pay any attention to it. We do not consider the emerging trends and styles around us and we do not usually notice these factors until someone else talks about them.

Unlike trends in interior design, the architecture trends normally present a longer shelf-life because normally, building renovations are carried out every two or five years.

 A-Frames (Mid Century-Inspired)

The term A-frame houses is used because the roof is steep and triangular in shape and looks like the letter A. It was previously a design artifact from the sixties to seventies when houses were usually smaller compared to the current ones, particularly in the United States. Nowadays, it is valued because of its simple and inexpensive aesthetic.

Bold Color Combinations

Experienced Glasgow Architects Spacesix Design believe bold color combinations will become important in 2019. Many interior designers like bold color combinations. Bold color combinations are considered to rapidly add character to any area without much investment. Deeply hued furniture and jewel-toned walls are a trend that is going to proceed to 2019.

Even though fresh and airy areas will continue being a favorite option, especially in the tropics, bold color combinations and deeply hued walls enhances the personality of any space.

Eco-friendly Designs

This trend is one, which is certain to continue being important in the coming decades. Since global warming is likely to reshape and redesign our lives, it is more important to set up structures with the aim of creating less impact on the environment and designs that are more lasting.

Disaster-Proof Structures

Earthquakes, typhoons and hurricanes affect many people. They are forced to make disaster-proof spaces that are aesthetically pleasing. These will make the coming generations feel proud and happy about the footprints left by their predecessors.

Indoor-Outdoor Spaces

This architecture trend is a prevailing one, especially for homes and is making outdoor spaces become useful indoor extensions. Obscuring the lines between outdoor and indoor spaces means you have more entertainment space.  It is not restricted to patios that are adorned as another living room. Some large partitioned gardens are extended into a kitchen area and second dining space. To easily blend the outdoors with the indoors, glass doors are among the simpler and more famous options you can use.

Multi-purpose Spaces

Ignore home and commercial areas that just serve a single purpose. Our lives become increasingly busy and fast-paced and the demands for our working and living spaces should also change and keep up.  It is among the trends hat is not likely to go away in the near future.

Pay attention to the kitchen

The kitchen presents a vital space in the home. This area is not just an area where we cook and eat most of our meals. It is also a very important space for entertaining visitors. If you consider entertainment when designing your kitchen, any social meeting you hold is going to be a great success.

Unwinding Area

All of us require a room to relax and unwind, particularly in today’s world, which is hectic. Before, we used to reserve an area in our houses to study or turned one room into an office. We also used to keep aside an area for relaxation and peace. Today the trends are starting to change. Now the preference is to design houses with these types of areas from the start.

Multi-Use Space

This trend has been growing and developing in the home design world for some time. Today, architects are considering it more and more. Versatile spaces can be used for some potential purposes and can be used according to what is required.

Outdoors Indoors

This trend describes an addition of the multi-use trend mentioned earlier. Indoor-outdoor spaces are areas inside a house that include outdoor factors, mainly plants. These areas also usually feature big windows or are mostly created using glass to let in maximum light.


We exist in a period where we are more conscious of the environment, unlike before. In the world today, nearly every industry is working towards sustainability. Pressure is mounting on architects to create designs that facilitate the maximum share of sustainable building materials possible.

Features to be considered in 2019 architectural trends

Glass for big windows

A nice glass view will not just offer you a sense of more amplitude; but glass is a material to use in this year as well as in 2019.

Open and Integrated areas

Another construction trend worth mentioning is that the materials are fitted in a manner so that the outcome is a house that is open and integrated, to enable the family to communicate easily at home. It is a great idea to fix lightweight materials and partitions to separate spaces. At times, they might not be total, but instead, a half wall as a separator between the spaces. It can connect the home also.

Sustainable materials

Durable sunlight panels and wood are some of the factors that will be a major source of discussion because it offers a big advantage to the homes that respect the environment. They can be sustained for many more years.

Interior Wood

Another good concept that should be kept in mind in 2019 is to continue using wood as a material for building the interior as well as the exterior of the home. Wood provides a material that has been used for numerous centuries as a home material. This includes the 21st century.

Use wood for window frames and doors for internal elements like wooden panels situated at the front of the house.

Safer structures

It is important that the new structures recognize how important the environment is and be ready to withstand earthquakes and other destructive happenings.

New buildings should be resistant to age and be sustainable for the surrounding. Their structure should also be friendlier to their surrounding and therefore, be inhabitable for a lot more years to come.


The above architectural trends are the most prominent ones that will emerge next year. This field is unpredictable and has an important effect on the direction that the world of architecture takes. We anticipate that these trends are going to proceed to the following year, maybe even beyond. The trends will possibly remain a noticeable presence in the architecture world for the next few years.




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