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Create a Tailored Hideaway for Less Than You Think

For many, the acquisition of space around the home can seem like a pipe dream. Although there are plenty of conventional options available, they can be costly. However, those craving some personal space do not have to pay a small fortune for the privilege.

Those that have looked at options such as extension will be glad to hear that they can make use of the space in their garden and create a bespoke space that fits in with the rest of the home.

What Is a Garden Pod?

If you have not heard of a garden pod before then do not worry. They are a new addition that offers an affordable alternative to house moves and extensions and can often be created in a faster time frame.

Urbanpods offers a wide choice of garden pods that can be created to meet an abundance of different uses and has seen a spike in popularity simply because of how convenient they are when compared to other options.

A garden pod comes included with all the luxuries you would expect to find indoors, including heating and electric.

A garden pod can be used in many ways and can be created to the user’s requirements. Some of the garden pod uses include but are not limited to the following:

An Area for Respite

Regardless of whether you work long hours or just need some time out from the chaos in the home, the use of a garden pod ensures that you have always got a retreat for reading and binging on box sets.

A Home Office with a Difference

Are you looking for a work area that offers immersive views and is close by? Then why not create your own home office with the use of a garden pod. No more lengthy commutes and the view has never been better.

A Study Area for Children

It is not only the adults that can benefit from a garden pod, as they are also ideal for creating quiet study areas for children. Regardless of whether they are carrying out homework or preparing for GCSEs, a garden pod can offer a quiet study area that promotes focus.

Other Reasons to Choose a Garden Pod

For some, the reasons listed can be enough reason to purchase a garden pod. However, others will want to know what other benefits there are to a garden pod when compared to conventional counterparts.


Businesses and homeowners are doing what they can to reduce the carbon footprint, and those concerned that the work carried out impacts the environment can be confident that all garden pods are made using sustainable materials.

Can Add Value to the Home

The need for space is something that is shared by many, so the addition of space to a property can mean that the valuation can increase as much as 10%.

Cost-Effective Alternative to an Extension

There will be times when an extension to the home is needed, but this is not always the case. Those looking for some additional space without having to move can often be dissuaded by the complexities and costs associated with extensions.

The use of a garden pod costs much less than an extension and will not require waiting time to be carried out.

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