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Bird Proofing: What Options Are Available?

There’s no denying that birds play a vital part in the game of life, as they can dispose of other pests as well as pollinate plants.

Bit this doesn’t mean that every bird should be welcomed into the home. Just as some are important to the preservation of an environment, the habits of some birds can mean that the home or office soon becomes a place of risk.

This is especially true with pigeons, as they have the potential to carry disease, as well as cause damage to the property which is attributed to the nesting habits of pigeons.

Although there are companies available that offer bird proofing in Edinburgh, there can be times when pest control will also be needed due to the pigeons that have already started to cause problems.

This ensures that the pigeons are dealt with in a humane way while having the peace-of-mind that the pigeon problem has bee dealt with in a professional manner.

Carrying Out Bird Proofing

Depending on the type of property, there are several ways of ensuring that the onset of pigeons and any other birds that have the potential to cause an issue, be it inside or outside the property.

Bird netting is an adaptable and versatile approach that ensures birds are kept away from the property and is often used to bridges, canopies and any signage.

As well as being effective, the use of bird netting is also non-detrimental to birds, as all, it does it deter birds from setting up a nest on your roof, guttering or within the property itself.

As well as being an excellent deterrent against pigeons, the use of bird netting can also there are lower maintenance costs due to not having to deal with bird waste.

Larus bird wire is like bird netting in its roles but is designed for those that may be having problems with seagulls nesting on their roof.

Just like bird netting the use of Larus bird wire is ideal for contending with aggressive gulls.

Another option available for those wishing to maintain bird control is the use of bird point systems.

Although this option can seem a little aggressive, it’s worth noting that the spikes are only designed to deter birds, not harm them.

Just as a human wouldn’t sit on an area that has spikes nearby, neither will a bird.

This ensures that birds search elsewhere when looing for potential nesting spot and ensures that you’re not infested with birds in the long-term.

If you’re looking to minimise the likelihood of a bird infestation, then its advisable to bird proof home or business sooner rather than later.

However, if you have found that birds have already begun to nest in and around the property, then you will need to speak to a professional pest control company to ensure that you can contend with both the current issues, as well as bird proofing the area afterwards.

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