As you may have noticed in the ‘About’ section, our community includes more than 150,000 blog readers, 450 advertisers and 5,000 magazine subscribers. In addition, we also use tailored advertisers when we provide our one-on-one consulting services.

To better serve our user community, we are constantly on the lookout for better products and services in the categories of architecture, home layout, construction, design, decoration and utility services. If you belong to any of these categories, please contact us. You get the following privileges.

Banner space

Banner space is assigned automatically according to your market position. If you are recognized in your sector or function with a significant volume of satisfied customers, we will give you automatic preference when it comes to banner space. This works out well for us since we get to market the best advertisers to our community. It has also worked out amazingly well for our current advertisers.

Targeted client interactions

As we are simply a provider of information, we will involve the presence of selected advertisers when we conduct our one-on-one consultations. This will be great opportunity for you to interact and pitch your product or service directly to prospective clients.

Platinum advertising

If we get more than 250 positive reviews for your product or service from our community, we will assign you additional banner space for a heavily discounted charge in our blog. The platinum category also includes access to the information of all existing readers, magazine subscribers and preference for targeted client interactions.

As a potential advertiser, you will have to go through our own filtering process to validate your credentials. We conduct a couple of interviews in this process.