Design of homes was started in 2010 by three individuals who were qualified to provide advice on home design and construction. It started off as a blog to provide advice for young homeowners, who are mostly clueless about the process. The atrocious prices for realtors, brokers and interior designers was the key motivation behind the blog.

The blog took off like wildfire, with more than 50,000 readers and 150 advertisers in the first two years. Readers commended the blog for its comprehensive coverage of all matters starting from designing the framework of a property to completing home decoration. Advertisers were carefully selected and the selected few realized significant sales boosts on average.

Considering the promising results, the founders decided to expanded their services to include commercial property information and a magazine segment. Companies, both small and large, that are looking for commercial buildings experience the same pain point as prospective residential homeowners.

Today the company has more than 150,000 blog readers, 450 advertisers and 5,000 magazine subscribers. It has recently branched out to include one-on-one consulting for one-third of the market fees. The one-on-one consulting is to advice prospective homeowners and rental seekers tailored advice to their needs and requirements.