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Dealing with Pests in The Home

There is a lot that we can do to deter pests, but despite out best efforts, rodents and bugs still find a way into the property and can go on to cause damage around the home, not to mention the illnesses they can cause.

Although this is the worst-case scenario, it does highlight how important it is to deals with pests around the home, as well as deterrents that will stop the return of unwanted guests. state the worst problems are normally because many assume the problem has been dealt with, only to find that there are bigger problems hidden away elsewhere in the property.

How Guests Find Their Way into the Home

Depending on the type of infestation you have, there can be several ways of pests and vermin finding entry into the home. Sometimes it could be via an open door or window, in other instances it could be via a hole in the brickwork or floorboards.

The outside environment can also lure pests in, especially if there is a lot of waste about.

The fact of the matter is that there can be hundreds of reasons as to how pesky rodents and cockroaches find their way into the home. Although there are times where you’re able to contend with the problems yourself, other occurrences will need the professional touch.

Lowering the Potential for Pests

Although there isn’t a solution that will guarantee pests never appear, there are several steps that can be taken to ensure the likelihood is minimised.

  • Ensure All Outside Waste Is Removed
  • Repair any Defects That Could Act as an Entry Point
  • Ensure a Cleaning Routine is in Place
  • Deep Clean Areas That May Have Been Missed
  • Call an Expert for Problematic Infestations

If you come across a repair that you’re not able to carry out or find that there is a problem with waste collection, then it may be worth speaking to a professional, so you can ensure that the right process is in place. A repair may incur a cost, but it can be much less than the cost of repairing damage caused by rodents around the home.

Can I Deal with Pests Myself?

Not all pests and rodents are present because of poor hygiene of defects in the property but can just occasionally turn up. If there is no infestation, then there are various products available that can deal with sporadic pests.

However, if you find that despite your best efforts, pests keep on returning, then it could be time to consider the services of a professional.

For example, dealing with the odd wasp here and there is straightforward enough, but if you find that there is a wasp’s nest present in the garden, then tampering with it could mean the problem is worsened.

The same applies to nests and gatherings that are out of reach. Trying to deal with it alone could encourage the pests to find new locations around the home to settle. A professional pest control company will know what method to use without antagonising the pests further.

Why You Shouldn’t Deal with Infestations Yourself

As well as antagonising the pests further, there could be several other ramifications if you try and deal with an infestation yourself.

Health Risks to the Family: When dealing with infestations, there will be times when specialist chemicals need to be used. A professional will be trained in these procedures, whereas the general public aren’t. This could mean pesticides are applied in the wrong way, meaning the pests aren’t dealt with properly, and could potentially cause illness.

Danger of Injury: It may seem a bit farfetched to assume that someone could sustain an injury from dealing with infestations, but you’d be surprised at how dangerous it can be dealing with infestations at certain heights.

Regardless of whether it’s a wasp’s nest in the garden, or an infestation in the loft, it’s important that you hand over the task to a seasoned professional.

Can Be More Expensive: Many will assume that the cost of pest control is expensive and feel that dealing with the problem themselves is more cost-effective. While this is understandable, nothing could be further from the truth.

The cost of a pest control expert will depend on several different factors, but I most instance, you will find that the fee is more affordable than if you went about purchasing the products yourself, plus you’re getting the expertise of a professional.

Finding the Right Pest Control Company

Once you have established that you need the services of a professional, you will be keen to find a company that can deal with your infestation. In many instances it’s easy for us to be lured in with a cheap price, but it’s important to ensure that the service on offer is professional.

When dealing with infestations, each will require their own unique approach. A cheaper service could mean that the wrong method is used, meaning that further callouts will be required.

Using a professional pest control company in the first instance ensures that the problem is dealt with, meaning that the service is mort cost-effective overall.

It can be worthwhile reading reviews of the pest control company online. Should you want further clarification then you could even reach out the pest control company yourself.

It’s also important to ensure that the company you plan to use is insured and certified. None of us like to think of anything going wrong, but if it ever does its worthwhile having that additional peace-of-mind.


Save Money When Renovating Your Home

When looking to make improvements around the home, it’s easy to assume that it will cost hundreds. Although there will always be an expense associated with improving the home, some outside-the-box thinking means we can improve the home while saving money.

The following is a snapshot of some of the methods available that not only add an injection of personality to a conventional home but can mean you end up with more in your pocket.

Plan Before You Start

There’s nothing more annoying than finding out that not planning a renovation has caused a bump in the road financially. Doing things in the right order ensures that you’re not having to backtrack, nor are you having to pay more for professionals to alter work.

Planning a renovation can be tedious but is essential for those looking to save money when carrying out a renovation. Having everything recorded not only gives you a checklist but could raise some red flags before it’s too late.

Start Saving Money Straight Away: Consider Wall Insulation

When we think of home makeovers, wall insulation is hardly the most glamorous aspect, but it’s something worth considering if you’re looking to make some substantial savings when making improvements to the home.

Those who are paying a lot for the energy may be doing so because heat is escaping. Wall insulation can change all this and can be seen as an investment as opposed to a cost because the money will be recouped in the savings you make in relation to gas, electric or any other fuel of your choosing. Find out more information on external wall insulation here – 

Shop Around

When we’re keen to give a home a facelift, it’s easy to get carried away and choose the first piece of furniture or handyman we come across but taking some time out to research what’s available could mean that we’re not having to spend as much as we need on good or services.

Of course, you don’t want to set your sights too low, as you still want value, but you’d be surprised at how much you can save by asking for quotes and estimates in the first instance and then comparing them.

Old furniture and other staff at Jaffa flea market district in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel.

Old Furniture Can Be Given a New Lease of Live

If you’re looking to recreate the ambience of the home, then you may want to ensure the same ethos is applied to the furniture, but this can be costly right? Not necessarily, as those with some patience and creativity are able to transform an old piece of furniture into a new focal point of the room.

Even broken hinges and clasps can be replaced very cheaply with the aid of a DIY store. Sure, it’s not the fastest process, but it can be very therapeutic, not to mention cost-effective.

Bring the Outside Inside

Sometimes we can put all our efforts into revamping a property, only to find that it’s still missing something. Plants can work wonders in any decor and even have air-purifying properties.

The choice of plant is completely dependent on your tastes and decor, but even the most luxurious plants can be cheap to purchase and helps give your home some natural beauty.

Take the Inside Outside 

Just as bringing plants into the indoor area can help us feel better and give the home more character, there can be a lot to gain by extending our indoor space to fit in with the outdoors, so we can sit back and enjoy our garden.

Although a conservatory is normally the way to go to get the perfect balance between outside and inside, there are other alternatives that aren’t as expensive.

For example, a simple gazebo is ideal for the warmer months and can be taken down should it be taking up too much space during the colder months.

Consider Hidden Storage

Having a small property and lots of possessions is never the ideal mix, and soon the home can look a little cumbersome. However, rather than moving, you may find the solution you’re looking for in hidden storage.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a fold-away desk or cupboard space in the kitchen, there are plenty of renovations that can be made to ensure that your home looks more organised.

How Much Will Waste Collection Cost?

Some renovations are relatively small, and some can make use of a local refuse centre. However, those with large amounts of waste will need to look for something a little more robust to ensure waste is dealt with in the right way.

There are several ways of getting your waste collected, including the use of a skip. However, you will need to balance practicality with cost. For example, if you live on a busy street with only a few parking spaces, then the use of a skip could be problematic.

Knowing how you’re going to get your waste collected allows you to keep track of cost and ensures that huge piles of waste aren’t getting in the way during your renovation.

Recycle When Possible

The benefits of recycling old furniture have already been mentioned, but you’d be surprised at how many things can be recycled and used around the home. This includes transforming bottles into candlestick holders and CDs into retro clocks for the bedroom.

Recycling also allows proud homeowners to shine some limelight on their personality. Don’t worry if you’re short on ideas, as there is plenty of inspiration on sites like Pinterest and Instagram.

Keeping an eye on costs and reducing spending when possible ensures that we’re able to renovate our home for very little while adopting a more organised mindset.

Rather than be restricted by money, those looking to give their home a new lease of life often can if they’re willing to free themselves from the shackles of convention and look at the bigger picture when it comes to their home.

Interior design

What Kitchen Design Trends are Making an Impact?

When looking to make a change to the home, the kitchen area can often be overlooked in favour of other parts of the home.

However, there can be times when some focus on the kitchen and the appliances in use can transform it from the conventional kitchen of yesteryear and turn it into a social hub that family and friends can enjoy.

An update of the kitchen can also help breathe life into an old property and give it some momentum in the housing market.

To be able to enjoy the benefits of a new kitchen, it’s important to consider some of the design trends currently doing the rounds.

Regardless of whether you’re looking to spruce up your current living conditions, or turn a profit on a house sale, a new kitchen layout could make all the difference.

Mix and Match Offers a Unique Approach to Kitchen Design

Although there’s nothing wrong with following the modern or traditional kitchen design, those with more unique tastes may want to bring something different to the table.

There’re no rules in place when what colours should be used, as long as they’re able to complement each other in the right way.

For example, many are enjoying the dark tones of charcoal when choosing cupboards and tiles but will opt for a lighter cream colour.

Mixing and matching allows you to draw inspiration from several different sources to create your own

Violet is Making a Surprising Impact

Those looking to add a hint of elegance or tranquillity to the kitchen may find what they’re looking for in the bold colour violet.

Although those looking for something a little calmer may need to consider something else, violet is becoming popular in kitchens nationwide.

Violet is a unique and alluring colour that isn’t experienced much in the natural world. As such, its presence is more alluring, and its roots inspire a feeling of positively and glamour.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

There was a time when clutter in the kitchen was to be expected, but given the advancements made in kitchen design, it should come as no surprise that when using the kitchen for social events, people don’t want all their cooking paraphernalia on show.

This isn’t to say that having items on show is an eyesore, as budding cooks like to have things to hand at a moment’s notice, but if you prefer a calmer and streamlined aesthetic, then it may be worth exploring the options available in relation to hidden storage.

Green and Blues are Making Their Presence Felt          

Green and blue are colours that are normally associated with the ocean, so it should come as no surprise that these calming and inspiring aqua shades are becoming popular when redesigning a kitchen.

Regardless of whether they’re being used as core colours or being mixed with others, many are enjoying the personality that the combination of these colours can offer.

Broken Plan Helps Separate a Kitchen

Kitchens come in a manner of shapes and sizes, and there will be instances when some want to section off areas of the kitchen, without having to construct something obtrusive such as a wall.

Instead, many are choosing the convenience and open-zoned appeal of a freestanding shelf unit or breakfast bar.

Not only does the broken plan approach mean there is no need to be erect walls where they’re not wanted, but it also allows for a more active social hub during social events and family gatherings.

Kitchen designers in West Lothian have claimed that the broken plan allows for a more personal approach to kitchen design, which has meant a sudden surge of customers looking for more unique ways to incorporate character and style in to the kitchen

High-Contrast Marble Is Making a Statement

The use of marble may be nothing new when it comes to kitchen design, but more and more people are enjoying what high-end contrast marble is able to offer the modern kitchen.

High-contrast marble can amplify the persona of the kitchen, while still being able to compliment the décor you will be using.

The shades available means that regardless of whether you’re aiming for something rustic, or a more modern design, high-contrast marble can make a bold statement that will be the talking point of your kitchen.

Patterns Are Making a Statement

Much like marble, patterns are nothing new it comes to kitchen trends, but the way they’re being used is fresh and innovative.

Rather than fade into the background, statements are making a bold impression by becoming bringing the beauty of the humble pattern to the forefront of the kitchen.

The use of patterns allows those looking to personalise their home and add their own stamp of identity.

As such, patterns are being found in all sections of the kitchen, be it in the intricate cabinet design, or a decorative tile design with a modern bold design that offers more elegance and personality than the cumbersome designs of yesteryear.

Gold and Copper Shine a Light on Kitchen Trends

When trying to create the perfect ambience, it’s not only the décor you have to consider but also what fixtures will be used in relation to lighting.

There’s no right or wrong approach to lighting, as the preferred level of light can be subjective. However, some find that the conventional options available for kitchen lighting don’t really fit in with the character of the kitchen.

Gold and copper are being used to make a statement with kitchen lighting, offering a more rustic and relaxed feel to the kitchen. The popularity of these tones means that the rest of the kitchen can also incorporate the alluring qualities of both copper and gold.

The trends currently doing the rounds not only offer some much-needed inspiration but also ensure that the result feels homely and inviting.

There can be several factors to consider before choosing a style that suits you, such as budget and the size of the kitchen, but knowing that there are several options available when looking to overhaul the kitchen means that it shouldn’t be too difficult to come with a design that suits your budget and your tastes.


3 resources to help you decide on an Architecture education

Architecture is a profession for the elegant, scientific and artistic ones. It requires more attributes to be successful that most other professions. At the same time, it is one of the most rewarding professions. As an architect, you get the chance to build something that would likely outlive you and endure the test of time.

Learning architecture is a long process and hence requires absolute certainty from your side that it is what you want to do. If you want to be a professional architect designing skyscrapers, mansions or exotic buildings, you have to go through academic degrees, Masters and possible even Doctorates. Before exhausting all your resources, both financial and temporal, into formal education, you may want to assess if it is worth taking the effort.

To help you decide that, we want to let you know a few resources and tools that you can utilize to learn about basic architecture. Once you finish those resources, you would have a better idea of how much you want to take it forward.

Harvard’s architecture online course


The Harvard Graduate School of Design has started an online course on basic architecture that gives you an idea of how to perceive and assess different kinds of architecture, at both a cultural and technical level. Harvard’s online course is in line with the recent trend of Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) which has gathered momentum. It is free of cost.

UNSW online course

The University of New South Wales (UNSW) offers an online course in Coursera that is focused on modern cities. The key focus of the course is to address the challenge of making the cities of the future livable, sustainable and environment-friendly despite growing worries of population explosion. It is free of cost.

International Career Institute (ICI)


The ICI here in the United Kingdom provides a 6 month short-term course on interior design and decoration, for those of you who are keen on pursuing that field. While this is not free, it is reasonably priced at EUR 910. Furthermore, that amount can be paid in minute monthly installments. The course is designed in such a way as to adapt to the pace of each individual student.

These are our favorites from amongst the thousands of online resources available. We recommend you to check you EdX and Coursera, which are the primary websites for MOOCs. YouTube has also some great short clipped tutorials.

Interior design

Staircases and the ancient philosophies of Feng Shui and Vatsu Shastra

Weirdly shaped staircases fascinate a lot of us for some reason. I, for one, am a big fan of spiral stairs. I was probably the only one fascinated and enthusiastic climbing the massive spiraling staircase when a group of us visited the Fernandeschi’s dome in Florence, Italy.

Staircases come in different shapes and forms. You have you traditional straight staircase, the spiral, the u-shaped staircase, the quarter layout, and so on. When the design of a house is planned, they are normally secondary when it comes to placement. The complement the different internal areas of a house.

While architecture and careful planning is essential, there are some who follow other philosophies when it comes to this. We refer to Feng Shui, the popular Chinese philosophy that focusses distribution of positive energy as a result of placement of different items around us, and Vastu Shastra, the Indian astrological and architectural science dating back centuries.

While we at Design of homes don’t confer to any such philosophy or way of thinking, we are interested to find out the drivers behind decisions people take when it comes to their households. So we decided to look into what these two schools of thought mention about the placement of staircases.

Feng Shui

With Feng Shui, it is all about the energy you perceive from an object. Naturally, “positive” objects such as the living room or kitchen have positive feng shui, whereas “negative” objects such as the toilet transmit negative feng shui. The staircase is somewhere close to the toilet, although not as worse.

As a result, its placement is not recommended in central places or more frequented areas. These would include, say the center of the home or adjoined to the front door or main entrance. Certain directions such as east and southwest is also discouraged, as these directions symbolize health and love respectively. So we guess any other areas of the house work.

Vastu Shastra

Interestingly enough, staircases are considered divine in Vastu Shastra. They symbolize movement from a lower level to a higher level. There are directional constraints as well, for example the stairs should always start from north to south or from east to west.

There are a lot more rules involved in this philosophy, and to the outside mind it comes across as superstitious. Nevertheless, it is fervently followed by many people in the Hindu and Buddhist cultures.

These philosophies may seem trivial to you, but take into account that many homebuyers and/or tenants have certain belief systems that they constantly adhere to. Knowing these schools of thought is always beneficial.


Why Office Cleaning is Important and How to Find the Right Company

When it comes to employing the services of a professional, we want to ensure that we’re making the right choice. Although it would be easy to assume that any cleaning company is able to contend with all forms of commercial cleaning, there are some factors that need to be considered beforehand.

Like any other professional service, commercial cleaning is a cost to the business, and if it’s not being carried out in the right way, then we may find that the company ends up spending more than it needs to when hiring the services of a professional cleaning company.

Fortunately, there are ways of ensuring that the right choice is being made when looking for a commercial office cleaning company in Stirling.

Why Is Hygiene in an Office Environment Important?

It would be easy to assume that commercial cleaning within an office environment isn’t important when compared to other businesses, such as a dentists or doctor’s surgery, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Regardless of how large the office is, there is always the potential of bacteria and viruses being present, even within the keyboards that people use on a daily basis. Although there is no way of stopping these bacteria from occurring, there is a way of ensuring that it doesn’t go on to impact those who are working in the office, and this is via the use of professional office cleaning.

While the concept of cleaning may seem straightforward to some, only a professional cleaning company will know how to clean an office thoroughly, thus lowering potential illnesses.

Not only does this ensure the right manpower is in place, but also helps promote more productivity, simply due to the environment being cleaner.

Woman working, professional maid cleaning and washing floor with machinery in industrial building

Choosing the Right Cleaning Company

Although the majority of cleaning companies will be reputable, there will be those that aren’t up to the task in hand. A few simple checks will ensure that the cleaning company you plan to use is not only professional, but also reliable.

Check Online Reviews

Any company that can offer a reliable and professional cleaning service will be keen to promote their achievements, but this isn’t to say that every company is able to live up to its claims. As such, a business should take a few minutes to peruse the online reviews so that they can ensure that it’s hiring the right company for office cleaning.

There are several platforms that you can check, such as Facebook and Google Business. However, if you’re not able to find any reviews that relate to the cleaning company you wish to use, you should contact the cleaning company direct. Those with positive reviews will be happy to share past customer experiences and testimonials.

Ensure the Company is Insured

When it comes to professional cleaning, it’s easy to assume that insurance isn’t necessary due to the nature of the business. However, there will be times when accidents or injuries can occur, and if there’s no insurances in place, then it will be difficult to rectify the issue.

Public liability insurance is a must for any cleaning company, regardless of whether the business employs one person or several. If the company you plan to use doesn’t have this insurance in place, then it may be worthwhile looking elsewhere for a cleaning company.

What Hours Does the Company Operate?

Some businesses may operate to set hours, whereas others may be a 24-hour operation. As such, there can be times when cleaners will have to access the business at different hours.

When looking for a commercial cleaning company, it’s important to ensure that its able to provide you with a service that doesn’t interfere with your business.

If you’re unsure of what hours the proposed cleaning company offers, it’s advisable to contact the company to check that its able to meet your requirements in relation to working hours.

Is There Quality Control in Place?

The reason why many businesses choose a cleaning company is because its experience in cleaning offices. This means that the cleaning is carried out promptly, while ensuring the work being carried out is through.

If you choose a company that isn’t as thorough as it should be, you could find that you’re handing money over for no reason.

A professional company will understand the importance of work being carried out properly and will ensure this is achieved by having a quality control protocol in place.

Even the most professional of cleaners can forget a task, but a company that instils quality control means that the likelihood of this happening is rare.

What Equipment and Products Will the Company Use?

It’s easy to assume that every cleaning company takes the same approach to commercial cleaning, but some may be limited in the service they offer.

There will be times when a preferred cleaning method is used, especially businesses that are keen to adopt a eco-friendly culture.

Of course, in some instance there can be limitations, but ensuring you’re using a company that has several years’ experience in commercial cleaning ensures the company is able to adopt the right approach in every instance.

Don’t Focus on the Price Alone

When looking for a commercial cleaning company, it stands to reason that a business wants to find a great deal, but this doesn’t mean it should use an inferior company in a bid to save money.

Although a cheap price can be alluring, in many instances you may be receiving a lacklustre service or find that inferior cleaning products are being used. This may not always be the case, but its something that should be investigated before employing the services of a commercial cleaning company.

The majority of commercial cleaning companies will strive to deliver a professional service, but this doesn’t mean you should let your guard down when making a decision. Taking some time to consider a couple of factors could make all the difference as to how professional the cleaning company you use is. i

Heating & Lighting

Considerations to Make When Purchasing a Multi-Fuel or Wood Burning Stove

There can be several reasons as to why people choose a multi-fuel burning stove. Some may want to reduce their heating bill, whereas others may want to create a focal point in the room of their choice.

However, when choosing a multi-fuel burning stove, it’s important that we use the right company, otherwise the stove we choose could fail to provide the experience we’re looking for, or in more serious instances, could prove to be dangerous.

Fortunately, there are a series of tips you can take to ensure that the stove you choose is safe to use, while not looking out of pace within the home.

What Kind of Fuel Do You Want to Use?

Although many will want to use the eco-friendliest fuel when it comes to their stove, it’s important to factor in what kind of fuel you can source locally. For example, if you choose a wood burning stove installer in Perth, then you need to ensure that sourcing a fuel locally isn’t going to be a hassle.

Multi-fuel stove allows for more choice when it comes to the fuel you use, but some fuel can be less eco-friendly than others. As such, it’s important to look at what type of fuel you would like to use, and then ascertain how easy it is to purchase the fuel.

While it’s admirable to choose a fuel that has less impact on the environment, it’s a pointless endeavour if you’re not able to purchase the fuel easily.

How Much Space Do You Have to Store Fuel?

Unlike conventional gas and electric, the use of a multi-fuel stove will require the use of physical fuel, which means storage needs to be a strong consideration begin having a stove installed.

The fuel doesn’t have to be stored within the vicinity of the stove, but you need to ensure that the storage area is dry, and not going to cause any accidents.

This may not be an issue for some, but those looking to install a multi-fuel burning stove into smaller premises may need to make some checks before deciding on a stove.

Complying with Building Regulations

Many will assume that they’re free to install a stove wherever they want, but it’s important to ensure that the company who installs the stove is able to conform to UK building regulations.

For example, there are regulation as to how a flue should be fitted, as well as the size of the hearth. This is another reason why it’s important to ensure that you’re only using a professional when it comes to installing your stove.

If you’re unsure of what type of stove will suit your property best, then it’s advisable to speak to the company before the stove installation goes ahead.

Ensuring Your Stove is Energy Efficient

Building regulations current state that the multi-fuel and wood burning stoves have an efficiency rating of 67 percent. Fortunately, most stoves will have a rating between 60 and 8o percent, but this is set to change moving forward.

The Stove Industry Alliance (SIA) is currently working with manufacturers to ensure that the minimum efficiency is 80 percent, which will be a legal requirement by 2022.

Again, this reinforces the importance of choosing the right stove, as well as the right installation method. Using the right company will not only ensure that current regulations are met but will ensure that you’re not having to upgrade your stove in a couple of years.

Choosing the Right Company for Installation

When purchasing a wood burning stove, it’s important that the tight professional is used. It can be tempting to choose a company that offers the cheapest quotes, but it’s important that we’re no influence by the price alone.

Although there’s nothing wrong with finding a great deal, this doesn’t mean you should sacrifice the quality of the installation, not your safety.

When choosing a stove, there will be plenty of options available, but if it’s not fitted in the right way, you’ll find that the result isn’t quite what you were looking for.

Taking the time to carry out some research will mean that you’re not left in the position of waiting several weeks waiting for an installation or putting up with lacklustre workmanship.

There are several ways of checking the company you’re using is up to the job, such as reviews on business directories and social media sites.

Those who can’t find any information online can approach the company directly and ask them to supply customer testimonials. Those who have an unblemished record in relation to stove installation with have little issue in supply you with testimonials and feedback.

Other Considerations to Factor

When choosing a stove, there are some other factors that need to be considered to ensure that you’re choosing a fuel-burning stove that suits your needs.

In some instances, it could transpire that the stove you purchase has a high output, which means that the stove will need to be ran at a lower temperature, which can make it less efficient.

When speaking to an installer, it often helps to have some information to hand in relation to your property to ensure the right solution is put in place.

Such information can include the size of the room, whether there is double glazing present as well as the age of the property.

Although there several factors to consider when purchasing a multi-fuel or wood-burning stove, the end result doesn’t only save you money in relation to fuel bills but ensures that you’re able to enjoy the rustic and cost atmosphere a stove is able to provide.



Interior design

5 pros and cons of open spaces in housing design

Home architecture has changed over the years substantially. As per the old school of thought, the focus was on compartmentalization. Each room in a house needed to be separate from the others. Each room had a purpose, and was to be used solely for that purpose.

Today things seem to be different. The idea of compartmentalization has slowly faded, and has been replaced by the concept of multi-purpose areas. Perhaps it is a consequence of life having become extremely fast paced such that people barely find time to move about, cook a proper meal or take a long relaxing bath. Or perhaps it is because the idea that specific compartments isolate people living in a house.

Either way, this change in thought has led to the popularization of what is called open space. Open space flats, as the term suggests, mean a common space for the internal parts of the house such as the kitchen, living area and dining area. There are limited partitions and these areas are basically public spaces. There are pros and cons to this kind of layout, which we list below.

Connected space

Open space flats naturally make your apartment look bigger. This makes sense especially if you live in a relatively small flat with tiny rooms. It is also easy to move about, especially between the kitchen and dining area.

Social aspect

Open spaces enable more interactions within a household. When you have guests occasionally, such spaces make you feel more comfortable. Families with kids can watch over their kids as they move about the house.


Have a large open space also enables you to customize what items you want in each part of the space. If you have sufficient space between the living room and dining room, for example, you could perhaps set up a mini-gymnasium or a musical instrument to practice your music.

Artistic improvement

Everyone wants their house to be on full display when guests come. With an open space, it is easier to arrange works of art to decorate the house. If you are an enthusiast, you can even arrange a collection of artworks with the comfort of space or make some pop-art works of your own.


We see only one major con of open space, i.e. the absence of privacy. Privacy is important to each individual, and as a result we don’t recommend open spaces for a household of more than 3 inhabitants.

While you’re designing, check out our post on soundproofing. In a fully open space, soundproofing could be useful.

Housing Interior design

Why housing standards for home space and design need to be effective

Housing space standards have always been an issue of debate here in the UK. Ever since the Parker Morris standards disappeared and conservative government made public its dim view on housing development, Britain’s homes seem to be getting smaller and crampier. If you want to know what Parker Morris standard is, check out our post at

The recent National space standards don’t seem to be helping the matter.  The NDSS has been obscured by its complexity and its reluctance to exercise regulations on local authorities. One key instance of this is the exact definition of minimum space for different rooms such a single bedrooms, double rooms etc. These vary largely across the different counties and provinces.

Additionally, the government has publicly prioritized building more houses over space standards. The key concern is price and affordability. Increasing the size of homes increases its price and therefore prices it out of reach of the common man. This has been the key reasoning behind the lack of prioritization of a common national standard

With many homeowners and tenants facing space constraints, the issue of housing design naturally comes up. With space constraint constant being pointed out, there is an argument that it is all just perception. The ones who complain just don’t make efficient use of their space. While there may be a small element of fairness to this argument, it is largely incorrect.

As much as you can exploit the availability of space, there is a limit to it. The UK has the smallest houses in all of Western Europe. I personally believe that along with a bulletproof national space standard, there should be a minimum threshold for design standard too. While the homeowner should not his or her flexibility to design the house as he deems fit, having a basic design standard will ensure that realtors and builders don’t exploit the excess demand for housing.

Design standards can include things such as a minimum number of toilets per inhabitants in a house, kitchen size and proximity to other rooms, effective exhaust systems, ventilation etc. The NDSS does include a lot of details, but those are either confusing or improperly implemented.

In short, this is not about freedom of expression or lack thereof. This is about creating a system that doesn’t allow realtors to play the price game and build properties with very little in the form of constraints.

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4 awesome award-winning housing projects in the UK

Modern housing in the UK isn’t really considered among the finest in Europe, to put it gently. When we picture housing developments, we picture cramped houses, narrow streets and bland architecture. It is quite surprising for a country whose Victorian style architecture is considered one of the most elegant architecture by the rest of the world.

The ever expanding population, increase in subletting and conversion of areas such as attics into makeshift rooms to aid the increased need for accommodation all contribute to this cause. However there have been some exceptions in this regard. We look at a few housing projects that were recently acclaimed.

Claredale street, Tower Hamlets, East London


Claredale street in East London is probably not the first name that you think of when you think of a futuristic and technological neighborhood. And yet, it was awarded the Richard Feilden Award at the HCA Housing Design awards in 2010. This area underwent an urban redesign to bring in concepts such as a mini-neighborhood with urban courtyards, high-efficiency gas boilers and a unique brick layout that conveyed a perception of handicraft. Furthermore, all roofs in the area are fitted with solar panels!

Darbishire Place, Whitechapel, Tower Hamlets


Tower Hamlets was at it again, mainly thanks to the consistent involvement of the Tower Hamlets London Borough Council, this time with Darbishire place. The same concepts of urban courtyards, open corners, pedestrian friendly streets and solar panels was utilized here too. The project received the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) award in 2015.

Matlock, Derbyshire

Matlock, Derbyshire, was the winner of the 2015 housing design awards. It was quite a surprising choice as the neighborhood was built on what used to be a hotel carpark. It underwent a complete makeover with buildings built with steel structures and supporting Birchover gritstone, a material that has long-lasting properties. Check out the copper-clad penthouses, which are exquisite!

Great Kneighton, Cambridge


This is our favorite of the four. Certain buildings in Great Kneighton long almost hipster-style. The architectural style doesn’t really seem to follow any traditional styles. What catches the eye is the saw-tooth shape of houses and the use of black weatherboarding. The only catch is that the majority of the houses in the newly refurbished area is perhaps beyond the reach of the average home buyer.

With such housing projects leading the trend, we foresee a bright future for housing development in the UK. All we need is a strong supportive legislation to increase spending and better the quality of life.