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Posted on 23 December 2008 5 comments

After my first attempt at designing the floor plan for a studio flat, I’ve had some more thoughts about the designs and created some more layouts.

Here, as a reminder, is one of the original designs:

floor plan for a studio flat

I feel that the small utility room (for washing machine, laundry, ironing board etc) doesn’t work at it’s current size and that there also needs to be a storage room or cupboard. So here is a new layout that tries to address some of these concerns. As before, this is a studio flat for a single person in a block of flats. Windows run across the length of the studio room where it meets the balcony.

floor plan for a studio flat

The utility room is now larger and there is a separate storage room.

Outside the entrance to the flat is a communal corridor. I think it’s important to have an entrance hall rather than a door that simply opens direct into the studio room. The entrance hall and storage room also provide a useful barrier between the communal corridor and the living area. But is the entrance hall too large for a small studio flat like this?

One of the difficulties in designing a studio flat is that the doors to the kitchen, bathroom, and hallway all take up valuable wall space in the studio room. This means less wall space in the studio room for furniture (e.g. wardrobe, desk, bookcase, chest of drawers). This is one of the reasons why, in the layout above, the storage room is entered from the hallway rather than the studio room.

What if we create a combined utility/storage room and shrink the entrance hall?

floor plan for a studio flat

Here is another layout which gives the studio room more usable wall space.

floor plan for a studio flat

The entrance hall can now benefit from some direct natural light and the end of the entrance hall could possibly lead directly to the balcony. However, the kitchen is now separated from the studio room. Should the kitchen be separated or the bathroom?

floor plan for a studio flat

The placement of the doors in the flat is not a trivial decision but one that can strongly influence the flow through the flat and the way it is furnished. For example, in the layout below, the studio room entrance is directly opposite the kitchen entrance so you can move between these two rooms very easily. However, the position of the studio room entrance takes up a potentially prime corner near the balcony window that might be ideal for some other furniture.

It’s interesting to consider how the position of a doorway affects the general feel of a room and the way it can be furnished. Additionally, the relationship of doors to one another (their proximity or distance from one another) is also important. Below are some different door positions for comparison.

floor plan for a studio flat

floor plan for a studio flat

floor plan for a studio flat

floor plan for a studio flat

floor plan for a studio flat

Finally, here is what passes for a typical new build studio flat in the UK today. This is from a development of flats in West London.

floor plan for a new build studio flat

As always, comments or thoughts on the layouts above are very welcome. If you could live in any of the studio flats above, which would you choose? Or would you choose none?



29 November 2009 14:21 GMT

The majority of your designs I really liked. Of all of them I think I would prefer to live in the last design u created. But I must say I hate the actual New build of the studio flat in west london.


25 March 2010 9:41 GMT

I saw all of your designs and appreciate a lot your thought process. We’re in the process of developing 22 studio flats in India and I was looking at something more special than what I already have. The main driver of my search was the desire to provide natural light to the bathroom/kithcen and you accomplisehd that. I will forego all those walls you designed since the separation of the spaces can and should be made of furniture…ciao

A. Hussein blog author

25 March 2010 19:32 GMT

Hi Alfred, thanks for your comment and good luck with your development.


9 August 2011 0:25 GMT

You’re studio layout / dimensions look fine. One small change to consider is to swap the kitchen / bathroom positions so that the bathroom is further away from the main living area for various practical and hygiene reasons.

A. Hussein blog author

9 August 2011 22:30 GMT

Good point, I agree. The bathroom should be accessed directly from the hallway rather than from inside the studio room.

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